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DO YOU Retreat is an unique opportunity for individuals to explore the “uncharted territory” within. Too often women are not living the life they truly desire. DO YOU Retreat allows women to experience the power of discovering who you really are, so you can operate from an authentic space within.


Individuals are able to dig deep into their soul, and answer thought provoking questions such as:


"What inspires you to live the life of your dreams?"




"What would you do if money and time was not an issue in pursuing your dreams?"


Individuals take an entire day to explore these questions and more! This is an annual retreat. The Benefits from attending are:


  • Gain clarity regarding one’s purpose in life.

  • Identify the barriers to pursuing one’s purpose, and how to effectively remove those barriers.

  • Identify at least one goal towards pursuit of one’s purpose, along with a next step of action.

  • Increase one’s self-confidence level.

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