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The N.O.W. Project stands for “Nourishing Optimal Wellness.”  N.O.W. complete FOCUS is on holistic health and wellness. Individuals are educated and equipped with resources the life-long benefits of proper nutrition and exercise, how it can prolong your life and reverse chronic ailments. Individuals will partner with a health and wellness coach to develop goals that produce sustainable results.


The N.O.W. Project requires a four to six month commitment with a health and wellness coach. This program was developed with Dr. Trina Wiggins, practicing Pediatrician for over 25 years and certified wellness coach from Las Vegas, NV. Benefits from participating are:


  • Increased health and wellness through healthier life-style choices.

  • Increased energy and self-confidence level.

  • Develop a written plan with realistic health and wellness goals.

  • Receive weekly inspiration, support and accountability reaching health and wellness goals.

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