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“In a world full of distractions and during a time of temptations, the “Do You” Retreat offered me a break to reflect on my life, my next steps and God’s divine order for my life.  I left feeling encouraged, empowered and uplifted.”


S. Boyette

“The Do You Retreat was eye opening for me.  I learned, shared, and received so much love, caring and support.  I will be back to continue my growth.”


D.Q.  Cooke

“I’m so happy that I have found a tribe that I can belong to and have a community of sisters that can help me build a support system to accept any blockages that I may have and push through them to excel to the next level.  I’m on my path to success and fulfillment to achieve true happiness.”


Jennifer S. Williams, Holistic Practitioner

“Today I invested in me and was refreshed, refueled and re-energized to go forth in all that I am called to be and do. The Do You Retreat will give you back more than you can imagine.”


Cynthia Walker, Life Coach and Counselor

“Attending the workshop/ retreat I felt like I had been operated on and all the parts that no longer served me were removed.”


Monica Carter, Document Specialist

“This was one of the best workshops I have attended.  The presenter was gifted, genuine and authentic in character and the teaching style was warm, inviting and full of life.”


Darcy Halbreich, Executive Administrator

“By attending the workshop/ retreat I gained clarity and powerful tools to get rid of the fear.”


Verleana Green, Attorney at Law

“By attending the workshop/ retreat you will begin to get in touch with the ‘true self’, the ‘real you’ and take the actions you need to take to achieve your absolute, authentic self. “


Dr. Gwen Rowe-Lee

“ I expected the workshop to be good, but I did not anticipate that it would be phenomenal. My expectations were exceeded in every way. I look forward to hosting one in Puerto Rico!”


Dr. Laura Lyons

“This has been an extremely inspiring retreat. So many things learned. I learned how to dig into the authentic me.”


Christine Battistella, Registered Nurse


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